Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Join Munchkins?

To join our agency you will need to submit photographs through our Talent Application link with relevant information via our website upon which you will receive a reply as to whether your application was successful. We do not accept everyone onto the books and it depends what numbers we have in each age-group at the time of year.

We are currently recruiting fresh faces from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Perth. If your child/family has the potential to shine, we encourage you to apply now!

I Have Been Accepted For An Interview, Does This Mean I Can Join The Agency?

If you have been accepted for an interview this means we are possibly interested in representing your child at Munchkins. We like to set up an interview to assess whether your child is suitable for potential work within the industry. This is also a time where we can determine whether you have the time to be involved as a parent, as there can be alot of running around.

We are highly selective and only represent children that are confident or show potential thus our reputation for supplying the industry with suitable children.

This is also an opportunity for you to ask us questions you may have. We encourage you to do as much research as possible as there are many facets of the industry and it is of course not suited to everyone.

Am I Able To Be Registered With Another Agency?

Absolutely not! We work very hard to promote your child under the banner of Munchkins and if you are listed with another agency we will not accept you onto our books.

Prior to accepting an interview with Munchkins we make it your responsibility to inform us whether you are currently registered with another agency or have informed them in writing you no longer wish to represented by them. Please bring this documentation with you upon Interview.

Under NO circumstances are you permitted to join another agency of any sort during your contract with Munchkins. If so, you will be automatically terminated from the agency without any further notice.

Am I Too Young/Old To Join Munchkins?

Munchkins represents newborn babies through to teenagers. We also represent "real families" as a lot of our clients prefer the look of real families to booking only models. If you are interested in also being represented by Munchkins please ask one of our friendly staff how.

Parents, grandmothers, grandfather, aunties, uncles, or children over 17 years also wanting to be represented within this industry should also contact our agency, as there is definitely opportunities for the whole family to get involved in the industry and can be quite rewarding financially as well!

How Many Children Do You Represent?

Munchkins is one of Australia's leading agencies which currently represents approximately 250 children ranging from size 00 babies through to teenagers in Melbourne (VIC), Sydney (NSW), Brisbane (QLD) and Perth (WA). Our new "Lifestyle" division also caters for Teenagers, Mums & Dads and Real Familes.

Once I Join Is Work Guaranteed?

We are unable to guarantee work as our clients have the ultimate choice in who gets booked for each job. We simply do not have control over our clients needs on a day-to-day basis in as much as age, nationality or looks of the children they are seeking for their campaign. However, Munchkins only register children on the books we believe have a chance of working within the industry. If we had a crystal ball we could definately answer this question. Some children earn hundreds and some thousands.

What Kind Of Work Will My Child Be Submitted For?

Munchkins is a talent agency so we submit talent for catalogue, photographic stills, billboard advertisements, catwalk, Mini series, TV commercials, feature films, live theatre, voice-over work and the list goes on. Your child will only be submitted for work he/she is suitable for. Please remember the ultimate decision lies within the hands of our clients

When And Where Does The Majority Of The Work Take Place?

Most of our jobs assignments are scheduled on a Monday to Friday basis. The majority of work is located in studios close to the CBD areas of Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Some jobs do take place on weekends but is a rare occurrence. Please be aware that most work takes place during the school hours and you must be 100% comfortable with this and also adhering to the Child Welfare Regulations which vary in each state. Flexibility and availability is essential to participate in the industry.

How Much Will My Child Earn?

Aaaah... if we knew this we could gaurantee work when you joined the agency. We have our own contracts and set fees with clients such as Target, K.Mart and Myer.

Munchkins will negotiate fees relating to your child's work pertaining to the job description, amount of hours and exposure of child's image for each assignment which usually carry a loading fee.

All types of work within the industry carry various fee structures and in most cases are set by the client. Children can earn anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands as many of our children have in the past.

How Do I Know If You Are Reputable?

Munchkins are a member of the VCAA and have been successfully established for 21 years. The VCAA only represents reputable agencies that have been carefully accepted within the boundaries of industry regulations and ethics.You can view our Gallery on the Website to see the work our children have done to date, as well as our Facebook page which has daily updates with castings and bookings that our children attend.

Is my Child's Information safe?

Munchkins State-Of-Art website is password protected and each child that joins has their own unique Username and Password. All of our clients also have their own log-in details. At no time do we give out your private information unless requested by the client for the process of confirmed work. We are required by law to notify the client of your Medical status and school child attending to complete paperwork for Child Welfare Regulations.

What do my Fees Include?

Your yearly fees include your initial set-up and registration on the books, a professional photographic shoot for the agency, promotion to our clients such as Casting Agents, Photographers and Major Advertising Companies. Inclusion on our State-of-the Art website for 12 months, maintenance of photographs on your child's webpage and also our monthly tailored Headsheet which in full color and sent to the clients to keep abreast of children currently listed with us. As a member you are also permitted to change your child's details on your webpage with your full encrypted log-in which only you have access to.

Once fees are paid in full, REFUNDS are NOT given if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision.

Is a Contract Required with Munchkins?

No, we don't have a Contract however there are terms and conditions to be represented by Munchkins. Usually you stay listed with an agency for a period of 12 months as it does take some time to organise the internal photoshoot and get your child's image promoted to the Industry Clients. Your representation with Munchkins can be mutually terminated between the parties in writing at any time, however refunds are not provided.

What Commission do you take?

Munchkins deducts between 10%-20% commission plus GST from all work obtained.

Do I Need a Tax File Number?

It is a good idea to obtain one as on occasions we need to send Tax File Declarations to our clients. Munchkins is not your Employer but merely acts as your agent. Sometimes you'll be required to fill in a tax form when on set for films or mini series. However, if we do not submit these with our Invoices you may be taxed at the highest rate of tax. You can get a refund by submitting a tax return at the end of the year for your child.