Terms and Conditions

Photographic Rates

  • Quoted at time of booking.
  • Time and a half applies before 8:30am and after 5:30pm weekdays (includes 1 hour for lunch).
  • Saturdays - time and a half.
  • Sundays - double time.
  • Public Holidays - double time.
  • Underwear - double time.
  • Sleepwear/swimwear - time and a half.
  • Overtime applies 15 minutes into the next hour.

Minimum Bookings

1 Hour - (second hour will be charged after 1 Hour 15 Minutes ).

Travelling Time

Model's hourly rate will be charged when travel exceeds 15km outside the GPO.

Screen Tests

Negotiated at time of booking.


Negotiated at time of booking.


Half hourly rate (one or more garments are considered a fitting).

Cancellations and Holdings

24 hours notice must be given otherwise a full fee incurred. Holds on all models should be confirmed one working day prior to booking.


  • First Cancellation - No Fee.
  • Second Cancellation - Half Fee.
  • Third Cancellation - Full Fee.
  • Full cancellation applies if initial model is not rebooked.


Product Packages, posters, swing tickets, billboards, metrolites, and any other point of sale material carry an additional fee which is negotiated at time of booking.

Parades and Showings

Negotiated at time of booking.

Booking Confirmation

All bookings will have a booking sheet detailing fees and any other job requirements and needs to be signed off by person paying account before booking can proceed.


All photographs may only be used for the purpose in which they were intended at time of booking. Further usage will incur a loading.


Television commercials and stills are to be negotiated at time of booking and are quoted for a 12 month period only. Prior to any further usage a negotiable fee will apply. A contract for all Television commercials must be completed by the client and model prior to the commencement of booking.

Police Checks

All clients are requested to have a police check in place before work commences also. For any queries you can call 1800 287 287 or http://www.irv.vic.gov.au.


10% Agency Fee applies on all Invoices.




All invoices include the 10% Goods and Services Tax.

* Please note that the agency acts solely for and on behalf of the models and whilst endeavouring to provide a satisfactory and professional service to out clients, we cannot be held responsible for any failure on the part of the children on assignments.

Child Welfare Permits

Industrial relations requires that every child that works within the Industry must have a permit signed by a parent/guardian as well as the principal of the school the child attends before any job commences. You will be contacted on these occasions. No child will be booked on any job without a signed and authorised permit. Also required is a Child Employment Form which child's medical history.